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Shiquan Street

Shiquan Street is located in hotel area in ancient downtown of Suzhou,famous Nanlin Restaurant,Suzhou Restaurant ,Nanlin Hotel as well as the classical garden of The Master-of-Nets Garden are on this street.As tourism of Suzhou booming and old streets being reconstructed ,the rebuilt Shiquan Street looks brand-new.

There strew many Ming-and-Qing-Dynasty-style architectures including characteristic restaurants and craftwork shops,such as restaurant dealing in fish-head soup,teahouse featured culture and catering of Wu ,mountain-city chaffy dish with west China flavor,Japanese Restaurant,Corean Restaurant,Corean barbecue,Guangzhou-style dish,Huaiyang-style dish,etc,which are scramble for by both home and oversea travelers.Also,Shiquan Street is well-known for its craftworks like Suzho Embroidery,chinaware antique,calligraphy and painting, chinaware,silk,inscriptions,jade,rosewood articles,there are everything that you expect to find.

Suzhou Shiquan Street now has become a far-famed characteristic street for its craftworks and restaurants.